Inadequate Potato

I feel inadequate probably 90% of the time. I look at myself in the mirror and think:

-My face is chubby

-My teeth aren’t white enough

-My eyebrows are a mess


-Bags under my eyes

-Goddamn lip hair

-My hair looks awful

-Ugh my boobs

-I need to lose some weight in my middle

-Fuck muffin topping

-Next to any other person I look like a potato

My old roommate used to say that this is internal oppression, and she is right. A lot of this stems from being raised in a society that influences us to have a certain appearance (ie stick thin, flat stomach, perfect hair, flawless face) and when we don’t ,we start to hate ourselves.

But my feelings of inadequacy do not end at just physical appearance. I feel like:

-I’m too LOUD!

-My voice sounds stupid

-I overthink EVERYTHING

-There I go getting my hopes up again

-I’m so not worthy…

-I’m about as graceful as a newborn moose

-I have foot-in-mouth syndrome

-Queen of Assumptions

-My anxiety is a bitch

Amongst a million other things that are all stemming from anxiety and depression and all those other fun mental issues that pop up time and time again.

So why am I bringing it up? Am I looking for comfort? For someone to come out and say “Joy you are none of those things! you’re only human!”

CLOSE! I’m bringing up the point that I AM only human! It is human to feel inadequate. In fact, if you’ll notice, people who think they are perfect are really colossal douchebags with enormous egos! And no I’m not referring to their genitals or breast size.

While it is good to have pride in oneself and feel good about yourself and be comfortable within your own skin, it is totally normal to feel like you’re not awesome. Chances are, everyone else around you feels the same way a good portion of the time. Nothing makes me feel better than hearing people who I think are perfect (Like Jennifer Lawrence) talk about how much they dislike themselves or how embarrassed they are by their actions or look hideous while they cry (seriously watch videos of Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian crying, it’ll make you feel 100% better in seconds). It lets me know that I’m not the only one!!!

Try bringing it up with a friend sometime. I’m not saying to ask them for help or advice, but just ask them, “Hey, do you ever feel inadequate sometimes?” It might take them a while to open up (I mean, it is a pretty personal question) but in the end, you two can bond over feeling low on the totem pole of life. You’d be amazed by the common ground you’ll find. Sometimes it feels really good to talk it out with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.

If you’re too nervous about talking to someone you know, feel free to tell me, because who the hell am I to judge? Leave a comment below and tell me 5 things that make you feel inadequate. BUT THEN (to even the scales) I want you to name 7 (yes, 7) amazing things about yourself, because we all need to work on recognizing things that make us amazing.

It’s okay to feel as low as a potato, anyone who thinks they are all that and a bag of chips are really just a can of spam. MEANING they aren’t that great and they leave a bad taste in your mouth.


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