I wish there were more words in the english language

Stupid thing to ask, but I want more.

In my senior year of college, a student in one of my classes told us about her boyfriend, to whom english is a fifth language. She told a beautiful story of how he wishes to improve his language so he may more accurately tell her how he feels for her, “What I feel for you comes to me in my mother tongue, and when I translate it doesn’t feel genuine.”

She explained the term Ya’Abrnee, an arabic term translating to ‘You bury me’. it is used to describe deep emotional outpouring, that you would rather die first, “I wish that you don’t die before, but I die before you and then you bury me”.

That is the most beautiful sentiment that I can think of. I want more words to describe that feeling. For the love of god, we have a word that means to throw a person out a window (‘Defenestration’ for those of you who didn’t take AP English), why can’t we have more words to describe feeling and emotion? I am envious of the availability of words like this that other cultures have, if we had words that described such concepts we could communicate on deeper levels than we can with just “I love you, please let me die before you.”

I’m gonna go enjoy Puff the Magic Dragon (that’s a euphemism for pot. There are a lot of words for pot culture…. -sigh-) and make up new words that will have no meaning to anyone except me.

Aftenblïque! (I dare you to try and figure out what that means. Go ahead! I can wait…)


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