A timid plea for assistance

So I came into the blogging game with no intention of ever receiving any attention or thought from others. I assumed that no one would read what I had to say, so I could just shout randomly into the void and go on with my days of struggle.

I am overwhelmed by the reception my blog has received. Completely flabbergasted (did you know there was a wrong way to spell ‘flabbergasted’? I didn’t even know it was a real word…. I really have no business writing a blog….) and honoured that people are reading what I have the say, much less liking it! It absolutely terrifies me, if I’m being perfectly honest.

With that in mind, I am cautiously whispering a question into the void, “What are the best ways to blog without totally fucking up?”

Any tips or suggestions are welcome, I’d like to do what I can to write well without disappointing anyone… My anxiety is giving me a lot of hell over this blog, I think it’s time I ask for some suggestions and assistance….


3 thoughts on “A timid plea for assistance”

  1. There is no way to fuck up blogging – that’s the beauty of it … well, there might be one way, and i guess it’s a life-lesson as well: you can fuck up blogging by trying to blog like someone else. Be yourself, speak free, and try to not let others’ opinions get on your back.

    I only just found your blog today, and being a vagabond myself and a meandering metaphysical mendicant, i was attracted by the title … if you don’t have a wand, then you’re free to make whatever the fuck wand you want, like the Chinese proverb: a full teacup cannot receive new tea.

    Good luck, and godspeed! I look forward to following your journey xo

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    1. Thank you, though the ‘wand’ in the term ‘wandless’ is a euphemism for a male body organ that I do not possess…. But the term ultimately means “unfortunate” so I suppose it’s my journey dealing with my misfortunes. I’m trying my damned hardest not to emulate/copy other blogs, in fact I’m going out of my way to avoid blogs like mine so as not to get intimidated or scared. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence, I’ll keep at it 🙂

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  2. Bodhi is right. You can’t really fuck it up. However, I do have some tips. This is my third blog. I had one with my ex-husband, a diary of sorts following our fertility journey. Obviously, as he is my ex, that ended when the relationship ended. I started another one as a means of helping myself heal following a whole lot of tragedy in my life, until my ex’s family found it and started trolling me. I kept the names anonymous and never once said who I was, where I was from, or who I was writing about but I did tell a few “friends” I had a blog on WordPress. Those “friends” told people who told more people. Before I knew it I had blog trolls (people who comment/reply to blog posts and make your life a living hell, totally ruining your blog experience by being hateful assholes). My point is, you may need to be careful what you say or how you present yourself or your blog. For instance if what you have to say could piss people off to the point they feel the need to troll your blog, or if the content of your blog could cause problems for you outside of the blogosphere (in the real world where you have to live). I never use my real name. I try not to be too specific about where I live. I change names in the event the story I am writing requires names to make it easier to follow. I don’t give out too many specifics, but just enough detail to make it something people relate to, or to make it more interesting. Depending on what you’re writing, other people can fuck it up FOR you, but you can’t really fuck it up without the help of petty assholes who want to hurt you. Just do you, but be careful.


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