Tied to my self-worth

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-worth today. Not in a negative way, but just the things that I do to increase my self-worth. For some people, wearing certain clothing  and outfits increases their self-confidents, for others competing professionally in sporting events does it. I know some who believe their worth is only in their body and appearance, where others find it in education and learning.

For me? I find my self-worth in making people happy. Laughter is my favorite drug, anytime I can make people laugh I shoot that shit up fast. Growing up I never felt too self-conscious of my appearance, nor did I feel the need to be the smartest kid in the room. I didn’t want to be the most beautiful or popular girl in class, I just loved goofing off and making people laugh.

For a while I felt like there were two types of girls; Super smart girls and super pretty girls. Then there was the lucky third category where some girls were both pretty and smart. I fell in non of the above. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was that trapped my mind into only seeing three kinds of women, but for a while I felt pretty worthless for not being able to fit into any of the categories.

Now, at 24 years old and several years of therapy and life lessons, I can clearly see that I, as well as every single person on this planet, fit into oddly unique categories completely of their own. I look back at times when I really felt like I was worth something, even in my dark times, and found all of my self-worth has been tied to the joy and happiness of the world around me. I find complete satisfaction in being able to invoke positivity and happiness in others, especially in laughter and levity.

Thinking about what your self-worth is tied to is a good stepping stone to learning self-love/fulfillment. But learning about where other’s tie their self-worth could perhaps facilitate compassion and appreciation for how we all find ways to feel loved and worth the lives we are granted on this planet.



3 thoughts on “Tied to my self-worth”

  1. Hey! I’ve just written a post about attention seeking and how it’s tied to my own self worth and I love the angle you’ve taken in your post. It’s shed a light on a whole new area for me so thank you! X

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  2. Hi there! First of all- lovely post. I’ve had issues with my self worth (I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder and depression) and it inspires me to see such strength in people like you! Thank you for enlightening me, and sharing light on your battles.

    I write similar posts, about my own battle with self worth, happiness and depression (you should follow my blog! I feel we could both benefit from positive posts!) and I just wanted to thank you for showing me your strength, it’s little things like this that inspire me to keep fighting through to achieve my own sense of self worth. Very empowering.

    I just followed you, and am looking forward to more of your posts! Keep your head up! 🙂

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    1. Positivity is what the world needs more of, my goal with my blog is to be able to talk about my struggles with mental health with the constant message that there will always be silver linings and light at the end of a dark path. I look forward to following your journey through your blog 🙂

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