To those who don’t play Pokemon Go

PSA For those of you who do not play Pokemon Go (either because you can’t or you just have no interest): That is okay. It’s okay for you to not want to play, that is 100% your decision and I totally respect that.

HOWEVER please don’t make those of us who are playing the game feel bad for it. Last night and this morning I’ve noticed people out and about harassing players and essentially shaming them, “We don’t need to be glued to a phone screen to enjoy going outside” or “Have fun looking stupid and catching nothing!”. This is NOT okay.

This game, in the incredibly short time it has been out, has become a cross-generational hit that is proving to engage those of us with anxiety and depression with the outside world in a manner we are comfortable. It is also bringing people from all different cultures together with a common interest/goal.

I adore walking around the parks and seeing the groups of people interacting and getting excited. Given the recent events in the news, we need something like this to give us some hope and happiness.

So please, don’t shame or berate anyone who plays the game. It’s totally okay to not play if that is your choice, but please do not shame others for their choice to engage. That’s a kind of bullying that no one ever asked for.


2 thoughts on “To those who don’t play Pokemon Go”

  1. I am one that falls in the category of a ‘hater’ of Pokemon go for exactly the reasons you discussed. I work a day job in customer service and in the past week I’ve been ignored, seen people bump into the door and tables as well as belittled by people for NOT playing it. I never considered the mental benefits you described and that changed the way I consider the game. I’ll try to be more considerate towards the average user. Unless you ignore me when you’re in my store, you’ve asked me fore help and I’m trying to help you but you’re too absorbed in your phone to say anything more than, “huh” with a glazed look as I have experienced a couple dozen times within a week of the games release. I reserve the right to ridicule these users but nonetheless, good post and thank you for sharing


    1. Well I definitely draw the line at playing the game while visiting shops or friends/family. I won’t deny that the game is making people more oblivious to their surroundings, but I think in that case you have to say, “Hey, I know you’re really engrossed trying to catch that Vulpix, but I can’t help you when you’re staring at the phone.”

      Mind you, I have no idea where you work, but I can definitely see why you’d be frustrated and angry. That’s totally your choice and everyone should respect that. So long as you’re not actively harassing users, you’re good.

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