Motivational Drought

I’m in a drought of motivation. Ever since I got back from my trip to hawaii, my mind has been teeming with thoughts and ideas, but I can’t will my fingers to type or write them out. I’ve been sitting for days staring at blank pages and screens hoping to push something out into the void, anything at this point.

The best way to describe how I’m feeling is by comparing my brain to a sponge. Right now it’s saturated with thoughts and ideas, ready to be squeezed out over a surface. But everytime I pull the sponge out to wring it, my hands cramp up. I leave the sponge wherever to slowly dry up while I sit in frustrated silence watching netflix or meander about catching Pokemon (not the worst way to spend time, I caught a Jynx yesterday!).

So what is it that’s stopping me? I’ve got a lot to say and talk about, plenty of ideas to sift through and explores, but the motivation to write it out is just gone. It comes in short bursts and dries up quickly.

I’m hoping that if I just let it happen naturally, I’ll find that magic moment where the words flow and poor out. But I’m scared that those moments are becoming fewer and far in between. I’m thankful to have wonderful friends to talk through my ideas and ask for feedback and motivation. I suppose the key is to just not give up. Let’s see where that takes me…


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