Inebriated thoughts on love

“Love is an act of sanity.” – Jane Austen Book Club

Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!!!! Have you not seen acts of true love? 90% of the time they’re out of this world batshit crazy insane! I’m not just talking romantic love, I mean all love.

Love is insane. Love draws us two and from any number of others who either seem totally right or completely wrong. It’s used as an excuse for poor behavior, yet also easily dismissed in the face of important live changing choices.

Love is unpredictable; it’s been studied for centuries and we’re still no closer to controlling or unveiling it’s secrets. I believe what makes it so elusive to scholars and wonderers is that it is born in solace and quiet. Love is born in the privacy of hearts, where it may put down roots and sprout in wait for the bloom of possibility and connection.

So why does it hurt so bad sometimes? Well, the plant is there in place, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get stomped on or yanked out. It could be deadheaded or dug up for close inspection that ends up killing that part of the garden.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be revisiting this subject several times (if not all the time). Stay tuned for more stoned and inebriated feelings on the subject.



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