Beauty Confidence

I have never been the girl who, when I walk into a crowded room, everyone notices. I don’t mean that in a “Oh woe is me, I’m so hideous and invisible.” Personally? I think I’m fucking gorgeous. I’ve never hated my looks at any point, except for the monthly “GOD I HATE MY BODY” period. I have a wonderful boyfriend who always makes me feel beautiful, and my friends and family have always made me feel beautiful and love.

So am I the girl who catches the attention of every gaze when she enters into the room? Well no. But I know that I can catch the attention of every person that matters to me, without fail. I think that’s what really matters to me when I think about my personal beauty and appearance. I love how I look, and the people who really matter to me do to. Call it vanity, I call it confidence.


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