Hello, my Tweethearts!

I’m diving back into the ocean that is Twitter (or would it be the sky since birds tweet?). As a suggestion to get my creative juices running, a friend recommended that I post any random goofy thoughts I came up with throughout the day. I’m hoping that by interacting with other writers I’ll find inspiration and motivation for writing. Thus far, I believe the twitter community thinks I’m a homicidal necropheliac (long story….. Go read my twitter feed to get an idea).

My goal is the post once a day, even if it is a few sentences. To make myself accountable, I’m tweeting my word count at the end of the day. I don’t really care who follows or reads, but I figure that if I post it publicly I’ll be forced to keep writing.

So for anyone who wants to read the random bits of nothing I write from my head, you can follow me on Twitter @JoyPearson and/or Instagram @ThisJoyfulLife (Instagram just launched their own snapchat feature that I’m planning on utilizing, so you can get a full glimpse into the dull insanity that is my life [Though why you’d choose to put yourself through that I have no idea, you might be crazier than I am….]).

Such Fun!


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