Make up and Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup lately and how it’s effected my life. My mother has been coming to me more and more for makeup tips and suggestions for her appearance. My mother has always had impeccable taste in fashion and her appearance whereas my idea of a good look is yoga pants and an Avengers camisole with a built in bra. Where my mother excels in fashion and appearance, I’ve always aimed to excel in makeup and beauty. I think that’s why our relationship has always been so beautifully supportive of one another because we can teach and learn from each other on how to make ourselves feel better in our own skin.

We recently went shopping and I took Mum to some shops to help her get the basics for a great natural look without the need for a million different products (I love fussing with lots of products, Mum doesn’t). In doing so, I thought a lot about my beliefs in my appearance and my relationship to makeup and came up with these:

  • I’m not happy if I’m not comfortable, so I want makeup that feels good on my face. If I’m uncomfortable throughout the day and constantly thinking about how something feels weird on my face, I’m unhappy so therefore it is not a product that is worth wasting my money on.
  • I want to forget I’m wearing makeup. It’s like a happy surprise when I walk past my reflection and see a different/new me (albeit sometimes the ‘new’ me looks like she’s cosplaying Rocket Raccoon depending on the eyeliner situation).
  • I start by creating an appearance that I love, then I’ll invest in that look. Don’t get sucked into buying random, shiny new products. Get invested in a look that works for you, then gather the tools for it.
  • Variety is a spice in life, so don’t be afraid to try something new. A New look, a different product, don’t feel like you need to be consistent with your choices. Makeup was invented to be experimented and played with, just as paints were made to be mixed and blended together to create new art.
  • Makeup is as essential to some people as medication is to others. Don’t judge or mock what is critical to another’s self-confidence and soul.
  • Makeup should NEVER hide your true self. It should accentuate every and any nook and cranny you choose to draw attention to, not make the world wonder what character you’re attempting to cosplay as.

I have more, but these were the key ones I found myself relating to my Mum as we sat for drinks after shopping. Makeup can be a key that opens a portal to a whole other person you might have never known existed within yourself. There is nothing wrong with liking it or investing in yourself if it makes you feel as good inside and you look outside.


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