Difference vs Sameness


I am different. I have hot pink hair, I wear dramatic makeup, I listen to any song that can make me bounce up and down in my car seat with my hands flailing off the stereo. I’m insanely in love with shakespeare, while also having several guilty loves such as: The Fast and Furious film franchise, Gossip Girl, the Tinkerbell movies, and more girly manga books than I care to admit to. I’m obsessed with superhero films, but I find video games boring and obnoxious. I dive deep into comic books, and I love a juicy romance novel. I’ll cosplay as Harley Quinn on day one of Emerald City Comic Con, but on day two I’ll be Izabel from Saga. I have never wanted to fit into one box whenever it comes to preferences or tastes. I love being more than one thing, which is what makes me different.

Different scares people. When you look at Trump supporters, sexists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, racists, and more you see that they are terrified of things that are different from them. I chalk it up to a lack of desire for learning and mind expansion. They don’t want to take the time to learn about why someone is different from them, they’d rather shrink back in fear and hide behind bible verses (which BTW is full of the most different shit you could find; a virgin undergoes immaculate conception, a snake chats up a nudist woman, a guy splits a body of water in half). They’re afraid to learn about different things because they love and desire sameness. They want everything to remain the same rather than change and expand into new ideas.

I embrace differences and diversity; there is a lack of love and compassion in sameness that drives me to be different from others and learn more about differences. I live to learn and know about the vast spectrum of humanity that is on this small planet. These haters who preach with cherry picked bible verses and stand behind a man who looks like a diseased corn ship are at the far FAR end of the spectrum (one that I have no desire to visit or learn from).

I love anyone who is about acceptance and the support of other beings, who keep their minds open and diverse. There is far more to learn from the different than there is from the same.


One thought on “Difference vs Sameness”

  1. I think people are too quick to name. It’s far too easy to call someone weird or obnoxious than just sitting back and saying viva la difference. People are also quick to get militant too. Way too much anger in the world. Way too much.


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