Who are the People?

Who are the people you think of and take action to meet when you’re bored and alone? When you have that itch to go out and do something but you don’t want to go alone. The people whose presence you can stand for long periods of time without wanting to claw your ears off and find an empty closet to hide in for a moments peace.

Who are the people you call while in the midsts of devastation? The ones who will pick up the phone and you can fall apart right then and there, and they’ll speak calmly until you’re coherent enough to tell them what’s wrong.

Who are the people who’s physical contact is never turned away? Whose hugs are a welcome breathe of air and their shoulder is at the perfect height to rest your head on; you have zero problem crawling into the others lap or cuddling each other close when the world feels too dangerous to take on alone.

Who are the people that you can¬†completely lose your mind with? The ones who won’t think twice if you open the door while wearing a flannel goose shirt, elmo footie pajama bottoms, and Godzilla slippers while The Sword in the Stone plays in the background, but instead meander in, sit down, and commentate on whether Madam Mim cheated during the wizard’s duel.

Who are the people who’s names flash across your phone screen, be it via text message or phone call, and you smile? The ones you put aside whatever activity it is you’re doing to answer, even if it’s just to send a stupid meme or a GIF of a smiling bunny.

Who are the people who get it when the trailer drops for a long awaited Marvel film that it’s a big deal, and immediately shoot you a message asking you for your reaction and thoughts? The ones that see things they know you love and take a moment to tell you because your excited reaction gives them more joy than the subject matter you’re discussing.

Who are the people who welcome your ideas with an open mind? Who hear your pitch for a crossover epic tale of dinosaurs and upperclass early 20th century aristocrats entitled ‘Jurassic Abbey’?

Who are these people in your lives? You have them, you know you do. Their faces and voices are coming to mind and your chest is glowing with warmth just thinking about them. They could be best friends, coworkers, cousins, siblings, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, or even beloved pets. If you can’t think of these people, start looking for them! These are the ones we need most during these times. It’s rough and harsh, violence continuously erupts, but we can hold each other close in our hearts and work to make the other smile.

Find these people, keep them close, hold them tight, and appreciate them for what they are. I think we need them more than ever.


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