What do you see when you read me?

That’s a serious question I think about, not just a title for this post.

I wonder what you all thing when you read what I have to say. What do you assume about me? What do you imagine my day looks like? Are you judging me for whining? Am I being dismissed as another sad white girl? Am I overthinking? Am I under thinking? Do I need to stop thinking all together?

I don’t really want to know the answers to these questions. I think the answers would hurt way worse than the constant plague of anxiety induced questions that fill my head. But it doesn’t stop me from wondering, it’s basic human nature to wonder what others think of us. How we handle that curiousity is another monster all together…

(follow me on twitter @JoyPearson for live updates of anxiety and stupidity).


2 thoughts on “What do you see when you read me?”

  1. Aloha,

    No one is ever as cruel, and judemental to us as we are to ourselves. The fact that you could ask those questions shows that you are brave, sensitive and curious…all great things to be!


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  2. I see a person whose name is Joy but is without it.
    I see a stranger and I’ve never wanted to hug a person more than I’ve wanted to hug you.
    Watching your twitter and just now reading your blog.

    Sends a hug…. A warm, cuddly mo fo of a hug.

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