Generated Poetry: The Formulation of Love

I’m on this kick where I use a word generator to give me 6 random words that I incorporate into a poem. I imagine I’ll be posting many of these, so bear with me (or not…. this is my website after all. So if you don’t like this, fuck you, go somewhere else to read garbage poetry that stinks more than mine!)

Generated words: Afternoon, Imposter, wept, Serum, Formulation, Deplorable.

The formulation of love can be rather tricky

It suffers from a deplorable lack of compassion

It’s also often ironically witty…

A cure-all serum does not exist

Safe for the hours in the afternoon I’ve wept

Over memories of when I was last kissed.

I feel like an imposter in my own head

Pretending I don’t have these memories

Of you, me, and our love you killed, dead.

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Word Generator Inspiration

Lately I’ve had a desperate need to write, but I suffer from a lack of inspiration these days. To give myself a kickstart, I used a random word generator online to give me a set of six words that I would then craft into a poem. The words I received were ‘extract’, ‘betrayal’, ‘contagious’, ‘messenger’, ‘union’, and ‘smart’. 

Using these six words, I came up with the following poem:

To extract thoughts and ideas from my mind

Seems so impossible, I take it as a sign.

A betrayal from my hand to my brain

A tenuous union that’s driving me insane.

If I were smart, I’d find hobbies more contagious

Things I can do that will be more advantageous

Someone get a reliable messenger for my hand and head

Before things remain silent, sadly left unsaid. 

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RIP blog post

Getting a new piece of tech can be truly magical, but not without its myriad of frustrations. I wrote a draft for a blog post the other day, it really meant something to me. How do I know? Because it was something that I carried in my chest the last few days laboring over how to give birth to a new blog post musing the magic of words. 

It was an awesome piece, I got to throw in some Shakespeare quotes (which I then bastardized) and contemplate the many wonderful literary and lyrical worlds I’ve been transported to thanks to the craft of stringing words together to make sentences/thoughts/lyrics/etc.

I thought I’d saved the draft (in fact I’m positive I did), but now I’m home from work looking all over my iPad and coming up with nothing. The piece is gone. 

I know some of you are rolling your eyes thinking “It’s not a big deal, don’t pretend you’re Hemingway now.” But I’m hoping a fair amount of your understand the grief I’m in right now. That piece meant something to me; it was a love letter to words, one that I’ve been formulating for years now. My love for words knows of no boundaries or depths. Words are pieces of magic that, when carefully paired up, can create beauty or wreak destruction. Words are power, words matter.

I’m trying not to feel too upset. I suppose this post is almost like an obituary to my deceased post, honoring what I lost while also reveling in what I love. To make this  simple end to a rather pointless post, I shall quote my favorite line of Shakespeare:

Words, Words, Words.
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I wish there were more words in the english language

Stupid thing to ask, but I want more.

In my senior year of college, a student in one of my classes told us about her boyfriend, to whom english is a fifth language. She told a beautiful story of how he wishes to improve his language so he may more accurately tell her how he feels for her, “What I feel for you comes to me in my mother tongue, and when I translate it doesn’t feel genuine.”

She explained the term Ya’Abrnee, an arabic term translating to ‘You bury me’. it is used to describe deep emotional outpouring, that you would rather die first, “I wish that you don’t die before, but I die before you and then you bury me”.

That is the most beautiful sentiment that I can think of. I want more words to describe that feeling. For the love of god, we have a word that means to throw a person out a window (‘Defenestration’ for those of you who didn’t take AP English), why can’t we have more words to describe feeling and emotion? I am envious of the availability of words like this that other cultures have, if we had words that described such concepts we could communicate on deeper levels than we can with just “I love you, please let me die before you.”

I’m gonna go enjoy Puff the Magic Dragon (that’s a euphemism for pot. There are a lot of words for pot culture…. -sigh-) and make up new words that will have no meaning to anyone except me.

Aftenblïque! (I dare you to try and figure out what that means. Go ahead! I can wait…)